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Personal Training and Nutrition

Are you looking to get in shape for an upcoming holiday, wedding day or trying for a baby? Always dreamed of entering a half marathon, obstacle race or bodybuilding competition? Recovering from an injury or have an ongoing back problem and are looking to rebuild your strength? By getting to know you as a person, and understanding the things in life that make you happy, we can create a journey that leads to your success.

Our Trainers

Mikey Spice

Mikeyspice is here to spice you up and getting you into the best you can be. Former National League Basketball player and a adrenaline junkie, Mikeyspice has the move and the know how to get you feeling GREAT within hours, coaching in wide range of workouts and group classes from Yoga, spinning, circuits, Fit Ball, Basketball ,Boxing.

Omar Melly

I am Ahmad/Omar. I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer. I have been training for 4 years and i have a real passion for what i do. Personal Training is something that i live to do,it is a lifestyle. I can help make it a lifestyle for you! I design training programmes,nutritional diets,each according to your own individual target goals. 

Sabreena Ray

Since the age of 18 I have been training in a variety of different types of sports through sports functional, weight training Boxing, circuits Crossfit, self-defence as well as competitive swimming. I am very passionate about sport and decided to get more involved in fitness industry on a professional level through online and one to one training.

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